Any property management business is reliant on a steady stream of renters, so it's vitally important that you do everything necessary to keep your property and it's maintenance at the forefront of your business.  Here are 7 areas to focus on to maintain a strong rental property:

Advertising your Property- Renters will search many different online sites and other rental resources before deciding on the properties to view. YOUR listings need to stand out from the rest of the group.  Make sure you have complete information and beautiful photos that give them a reason to tour your property first. Make sure to include all amenities and any smoking and pet policies.

Do you have a mobile web presence?  Since over 80% of people searching for both rentals and properties for sale will access your listings by a mobile device, it is important to ensure your website is responsive to all devices.  Make sure the content is easy to read and navigate.

Can your Renters apply online? In this day and time, any renter is going to apply online....and look for those companies and individuals who provide that easy access. Make sure you have an online form, downloadable, for your potential renter to utilize.

How does your Rental Property look?  While you don't need to update everything in a property before you set out to rent it, it is critical that the property is updated on a regular basis. If it's been decades since you've done any updating, that could be the reason it's difficult to rent.  Does your property have wood paneling, popcorn ceilings, outdated wallpaper or appliances that need work?  Then it's time to focus on those areas and update accordingly for better rental success and income.

Do you allow online monthly payments?  In our technologically advanced world most individuals now pay the majority of their household bills online...especially the Millennial generation! Remembering to drop off their monthly check, in the midst of crazy everyday lives, makes renting a property without this option less attractive.

Are your current Renters happy with your attention to Maintenance Requests?  While you may not get many maintenance requests on a well maintained property, they do happen periodically.  Do you quickly respond to your tenant? Are the requests handled in a timely fashion?  If not, this can tarnish your reputation in the rental property business.

What are your Tenants receiving from you?  While you're in this business to make money on your rental properties, your tenants need to feel they are getting the most 'bang for their buck' as well.  To gain a new tenant you may want to look at offering something upfront- offering discounts, area gift cards, allowance of a pet, etc.  The property should also offer some common use areas outside of their rental unit. 

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